Why the Houston Astros aren’t signing Carlos Correa

The Houston Astros could sign Carlos Correia in the offseason, but the club has no plans to sign the 27-year-old slugger.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Correias $9.7MM salary this year is just slightly below the $12MM salary of second baseman Jose Altuve, who is due to earn $13.6MM this year.

The Astros have also committed to $30MM in luxury tax payments over the next two seasons.

Correia was a solid piece for the Astros in 2017.

The 28-year old slugger hit .283/.348/.567 with 25 homers and 58 RBIs in 301 plate appearances.

His average exit velocity was 89.3 mph, while his strikeout rate was just 12.4%.

Correía also slugged an incredible 10 homers in 2017, which is a team-leading 17th-best total among qualified players.

He also managed a league-leading 13 stolen bases, and recorded 12 defensive runs saved.

He was also a strong candidate to take the 2018 AL MVP award, as his .333 batting average was second-best among qualified hitters.

The Astros were reportedly trying to sign Correías brother, outfielder Carlos Corcao, to a minor league deal last offseason.

However, they ultimately turned down the offers from both sides, as they believed Corcado would be able to better serve as a second baseman in the majors.

Correa’s $9MM salary for 2018 is the lowest of any Houston player, and it is likely he would be available for trade as soon as the season starts.

However it would be wise for the club to at least sign Correa as the team’s long-term answer at second base.

He has the ability to play multiple positions and has the bat and power to play anywhere on the diamond.