Why Nantucket, Nantasket real estate school offers $300,000 bachelor’s degree


— The Nantaskis aren’t known for being picky about who they enroll.

They’ve gone so far as to offer a $300 million bachelor’s in real estate management degree in New England.

It’s a stunning deal for the Nantuckets, who have seen the number of students in the real estate field soar in recent years.

At the end of their three-year program, graduates will earn more than $350,000, according to the NANTAKIS, a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships and grants to help the region’s growing population.

This is a major investment, said Nancy A. Graziano, director of the Nanticoke School.

It’s a huge opportunity for the community, which is looking for new jobs, she said.

The school’s new degree is a $1,400 investment, and it’s not just for the graduates.

Students can also pursue a master’s in commercial real estate from Nantacro and the Nantes School, which specializes in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

The school has also offered a master of science degree in residential and commercial real property management from Nantes and a master in business administration from the University of New Hampshire.

As with any job market, the demand for graduates has increased.

Last year, Nantes, which has about 200 students, had more than 2,300 applicants, up from more than 1,200 just a year earlier, said Dean of Student Life, Stephanie K. Smith.

She said demand is high, with more than 3,000 applications a day, compared with about 2,500 a year ago.

“I think the demand is great, and we expect the demand to continue to grow,” she said in an email.

Nantes, with just under 8,000 students, has seen a huge increase in students who have applied, Smith said.

One of the most important reasons for that, she added, is that students are not just coming to the school because they want a real estate degree, but because they see an opportunity to build their career in the industry.

The Nantes program also offers an undergraduate degree in real property, commercial real, real estate finance and real estate administration.

Students can also choose a master or doctoral degree.

Smith said students in both programs are given guidance in choosing an area of study and in working towards a bachelor’s.

They can also work toward a master and master of arts degree in the same area, she noted.

Students can earn a master at the Nants as well, she explained, or they can choose a PhD at the university.

I think we’ve really created a pathway for a lot of people who may not have gone to another university or school,” Smith said, adding that the students come from many different backgrounds and come from all sorts of different professions.

There’s also a graduate program, with an emphasis on helping those who are graduating from Nante who are already looking to move into the real-estate industry, Smith added.

Some students are also interested in pursuing an MBA at Nantes.

But for most, it’s an afterthought.

In fact, there is one person in the Nantaks program who is currently working toward a Masters of Business Administration at Nante.

But that person, who requested anonymity, said the real issue with the school is that it has no requirements.

No requirement for students to be able to take the program.

No requirements to go into a job, he said.

No requirement for an English language requirement.

And no requirement for a degree in financial management.”

I’m in this for the love of the profession, and that’s it,” he said, laughing.

When asked about a new requirement that students must complete a two-year project, he laughed again.

He added that there’s no such requirement for graduates.