Why I lost $7,000 for $1,500 real estate sales

Posted March 17, 2018 08:10:14 I had bought a condo on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for $3.5 million in 2006.

After spending nearly five years renovating it and renovating another two buildings, I sold it and paid about $2.3 million in cash to a company called Wollman Rink Realty.

That was back when I was making my money selling condo sales to families.

Today, I’m selling condos to wealthy investors and other professionals.

But that’s a lot of money in the world of real estate.

When I sold my condo in 2011, I thought I was done with the business.

I was wrong.

But what did I do wrong?

When I first bought the property, I had never even seen it.

I didn’t even know what a “condo” was.

But I had a feeling that something was wrong with the structure.

The building was on a stretch of land where I thought a parking lot should be.

But the property’s owner, a developer named George Graziano, did not want to allow me to park in his lot.

He asked me to come to his property and install a garage on the first floor, which would let me park on the second floor.

I thought that was great.

I had an idea that it was going to make my life easier.

But a year later, after having been renting out the building for two years, I decided to rent out a condo for the same amount of money.

The deal I made was that I would pay him $1.25 million, and I would also pay $1 million toward a down payment.

Then, about six months after I had been renting, Grazian told me that the condo was going into foreclosure.

I knew what to do.

I called my broker.

He gave me an option to buy back the property at a discounted price.

I told him I would be happy to do that.

Then I asked him to call my agent.

I then called a couple of other people.

I also called the real estate agent.

All of these people told me I should buy the condo and pay him the $1 billion I owed.

Then all of a sudden, the agent called me.

He said I could not buy the property.

I wanted to go home.

But all I could think about was my mortgage.

I still owed about $1 per month for the first five years I lived there.

I needed to make payments, but I was also afraid that if I didn to pay my mortgage, my home would be taken away.

So I had to sell.

The condo I bought was in the building’s garage, which I called the “garden.”

I thought it was great, and the new owner, Goss, told me he was excited to see me.

I never saw it again.

The $1-million down payment was a lot less than what I thought was fair, and it was only the start of my problems.

The first thing I did was tell the agents at my broker to call a bank to make a downpayment on my mortgage and get my condo back.

The real estate agents at our broker told me to go through the whole process again, but this time, I went directly to the bank.

I made a downpayment of $1-$1,000 per month, and then I called Bank of America to get the condo back to me.

A few weeks later, I called Graziros real estate attorney.

He told me his team was handling the condo sale.

When they called me back to confirm that the loan was paid, I was surprised to learn that they had not actually taken the money from my bank account.

I figured Graziani had made a mistake and was paying me a higher amount than the amount he owed.

I went through the mortgage, the downpayment, the loan, the condo purchase, the mortgage payment, the closing costs, the taxes, the property taxes, and everything else I needed.

When Grazieri told me Grazinese’s real estate team had taken out a $1 Million downpayment and not paid me anything, I asked why that was.

Grazia was upset that I had asked him about it, and he said he was sorry.

When the realtor at my agent called, he asked me why I had called.

He then told me the realtors team was trying to take the $2 Million I owed from me and use it to pay me back my downpayment.

But it wasn’t true.

I should have told Grazio that he should call my broker first.

But he wouldn’t call.

He called my real estate broker, who also didn’t call my realtor.

I have never had a bad experience with Grazino.

He always calls me back with questions and offers to help.

But when he asked to sell my condo, I told Gros I didn�t