Why does it take so long for the best UK real estate sites to become popular?

I’ve spent much of my career building sites, with some success, that have attracted millions of visitors.

But the site I’m most proud of, Cornerstone Real Estate, has not achieved that success.

The site has had the potential to be one of the best real estate blogs in the world, but the site’s recent owners have taken it down.

The website’s owner, Ben Krakauer, wrote on Facebook on Tuesday that he would be “taking it down completely” and that the site would “come back.”

However, the real estate blog has not gone anywhere.

The site’s owners have made no public statement or apology and are only releasing a statement through their Facebook page, which was shared on Twitter.

The reason why the site has been taken down is unclear, but it is possible the site was not as popular as advertised and the owners have no intention of reopening it.

In the same statement, Ben said that Cornerstone had raised over $100,000 for its “children’s charity.”

“We are all very sad to see the site go,” he said.

“We’re trying our best to keep the site up and running as long as we can, but we have had to take a lot of money off the table.”

Ben Krakausch, owner of Cornerstone, has confirmed that the real-estate blog has been removed from Facebook.

“We’ve been in the process of shutting down Cornerstone,” he wrote on Tuesday.

“In the last couple of weeks we’ve been contacted by a number of people who are upset that we have taken down the site.

It is not the first time that the owners of a site have gone public with a problem. “

It’s a difficult decision for all of us but we will do our best and take the time to get it back up and working as soon as we are able.”

It is not the first time that the owners of a site have gone public with a problem.

Earlier this year, it was reported that a developer had been arrested and charged after the owners had received a warning letter for a breach of the Real Estate Act.

In the past, a number to real estate bloggers has faced a similar fate, with several being shut down, or even having their sites shut down for not being up to par with their expectations.

One of the most famous cases was the collapse of Blogging for Fun, which shut down in 2012 after receiving a warning for breaching the Real Property Act.

It has since been bought by a different developer and reopened as a blog.

The real estate industry has seen a number more scandals in recent years.

Blogging by the Daily Telegraph was shut down last year after a report found it was selling information to developers about the construction of houses in real estate developments.

In 2016, the Real Deal was also closed down after a series of stories revealed it was promoting real estate agents for their work.

In recent years, the number of real estate blogger sites has dropped by more than half.