Which countries are the most expensive to buy in 2017?

Sweden, the Nordic country of Sweden, is home to a number of the country’s most expensive real estate markets.

Here are the top five countries in terms of the cost of home ownership.


Sweden, Sweden, Real Estate Institute of America, Real estate magazine, real estate institute of america, realestate article Sweden is known for its beautiful landscapes and the country is home-buyers paradise.

But in terms and price, the country can be pricey.

This year, Stockholm is the country with the highest home price index, according to the Real Estate Magazine.

According to the survey, Stockholm’s median home price increased by 7.3 percent from 2016.

The median price for a one-bedroom in Stockholm went up by 3.9 percent.

Sweden also leads the country in the number of listings per square meter.

This figure, as well as the country average price per square foot, rose by 3 percent from last year.

Sweden has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, but it also has one the highest levels of homebuyers.

The number of people who have a mortgage is the highest in the world at more than 50 percent, and it has a relatively high number of homes that are foreclosed on.

Sweden’s national housing agency, Hordaland, says that home sales are up by an average of 13 percent annually since last year, according a Reuters report.

The country also has a high rate of homeownership.

According the survey by real estate magazine Real Estate Initiative, a quarter of all Swedish households have a home in the country.

Sweden ranked fourth in the index for home sales last year at a total of 531,964 homes sold.