Which counties have the highest rents?

Hawaii has some of the highest rental prices in the country.

But some residents in the state have a hard time keeping up with their rents.

One woman told CBS News that she and her husband can barely afford the monthly rent of $2,500 for a two-bedroom apartment in Honolulu.

And that’s a problem for a woman who has three kids.

“My husband, who is a real estate attorney, he said, ‘You need to get some help,'” said Linda D’Antonio.

“And I said, oh, we’ll get help.

I just can’t afford that.”

D’ANTONIO is one of about 200 women in the U.S. who receive funding from the U-Haul Foundation to pay for rent in Hawaii.

But her situation is a problem that’s been growing over the past year.

As of last month, U-haul was reporting about 2,000 households that were struggling to make ends meet, according to a U-haul Foundation statement.

U-hook is a nonprofit group that provides low-income people with financial assistance to help them afford housing.

UHaul’s latest numbers show that while the number of households making more than $1 million a year in Hawaii fell slightly, there was an increase in households making less than $100,000 a year.

There were nearly 800 households in that group last month.

That number jumped to 2,977 last month — an increase of about 7.5 percent, the statement said.

But it’s the lack of affordable housing in Hawaii that has pushed D’Angelo into desperate situations.

D’Aonio said her husband, a realtor, says he’s been making between $8,000 and $10,000 annually.

She said the family of four doesn’t have much money to help her and their kids pay for school supplies and groceries.

She has no idea how long it will be before her rent runs out.

“It’s just kind of overwhelming.

It’s not a dream,” D’Anonio told CBS.

“I don’t know how much money I’ll be able to keep up.

It’ll probably be a year or two, but it’s just so frustrating.”

D”Anonios situation is no laughing matter for her family.

“If we can’t, we’re just not going to be able.” “

We’re really just trying to stay afloat,” D’maconio said.

“If we can’t, we’re just not going to be able.”

In addition to Hawaii, there are about 150,000 other households nationwide that need help paying rent, according the UHampshire Foundation.

Some of those households, like D’Andrea, have been trying to figure out how to afford housing for years.

“When we got our first kids in, we had two, so it was hard to make rent, too,” D’donio recalled.

“Now we have three kids and it’s a struggle, but we’ve got to keep going.”

And D’Alonio’s story isn’t unique.

Other low-cost families in Hawaii have also struggled to find affordable housing, CBS News found.

There are at least 1.4 million families in the United States without access to a home, according a U.

Haul report.

“The reality is that most of these families have been struggling for years,” said the UHM Foundation’s statement.

“There is no easy solution.

But UHammres foundation is making it easier for these families to be housed and provided for by providing financial support to help their families get on their feet.”

D’dunio said that since the beginning of the housing crisis, she’s been able to stay on her feet, but she still has to pay the rent.

“You can’t just get by on $3,000.

You’ve got three kids,” D’sonio explained.

“At least my husband and I have a job.”

UHM said it’s providing $250,000 in funding for more affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families.

The foundation said it plans to spend $150 million over the next 10 years to build more affordable, supportive housing in communities across the U