When you see the light, the world is yours

The sun is setting over the horizon as the day begins to set in Austin, Texas.

The night sky is lit up with starry lights, the wind chimes in the background, and the city lights up with the colors of night.

The sunsets are peaceful, the sky is clear, and it is almost time for a big night of entertainment.

But as we enter the sunset, things are about to get a little more magical. 

We arrive at the Hotel Treme, which is a gorgeous hotel in downtown Austin.

Located on the city’s historic waterfront, the hotel is one of the citys most famous landmarks.

It is home to the Treme Music Festival, a year-long series of events that takes place annually on the waterfront.

This year, this is a huge festival, but it’s not the only one happening.

There are also some special events for kids as well.

Kids can enjoy a parade and a fireworks show as well as see the sunset.

The Treme is home for a few of Austin’s best bands and restaurants, and is a great place for locals and visitors alike to get out and enjoy the sunset as it takes the city by storm.

We’re here for a fun, family-friendly evening in the Texas sky.

As we head out to the waterfront, we spot a little girl playing with her dog.

We quickly stop to take a picture with her and her dog as she happily plays with them. 

As the sunset sets, a couple of guys approach the beach.

They look at us and smile, and then they begin to tell us about the Tres Dames, a local band that is in town.

The band has a reputation for being pretty good at everything, from playing live shows to writing original songs, so we were a little worried. 

The night is not going to be a great one for us, though. 

When we get back to the hotel, we notice that the hotel has shut down. 

“We’re going to need a big bucket,” one of them says.

I’m not sure what he means, but I’m not going anywhere.

As we sit in the lobby, we see the TRes Dames in action. 

They play “Let’s Go Crazy” at the end of the show. 

A group of kids are dressed in bright red T-shirts and bright yellow shorts.

One girl is playing in the middle of the crowd, while another girl is standing on the sidelines. 

After the show, a group of young boys from the local neighborhood watch as the girls play in the crowd. 

One of the boys, Josh, asks if the girls are all going to play the show with him.

The girls answer yes, but Josh says that they need to find a bigger crowd.

So, he says, “I’ll be the one who’s the bigger crowd, so I’ll just bring the bigger girls.” 

We are all very excited to be at a show, and when the girls join the band, it’s almost too much to handle.

They are so enthusiastic about playing the show that it’s hard not to smile when they do. 

Josh and his friend are in the front row of the music festival.

Josh and his friends are in a band called the T Res Dames.

After the band plays a song, they take a selfie with the crowd and the crowd begins to chant, “Tres Dame, Tres.” 

The girls have to stop and catch their breath while the boys are dancing on the stage.

The boys have a very nice look on their faces as they perform. 

Suddenly, the girls notice that Josh is standing right behind them.

The girl behind Josh asks, “Where are you going?” 

Josh says that he’s going to the festival and that he is just “looking for some girls to play with.”

The girl says, “Don’t you know who I am?” 

The girl’s eyes widen and she says,   “I don’t know who you are, but we’re in this together.” 

Josh smiles and says,    “Yeah, well, I’m going to give you a hand.

We got a lot of good girls in this crowd.” 

As we wait for Josh to leave, the girl asks,  “What are you doing?” 

She asks him if he’s the one she was looking for, and Josh replies,    “Yeah.” 

After Josh leaves, he asks the girl if she wants to play some more. 

 After playing for a bit, the group decides that it is time for the boys to go home.

They go upstairs and tell Josh to come home with them to their house. 

I’m going down to the beach for a swim. 

My dad has some friends that are in town and we’re going down on the beach together. 

It is almost 2:00 AM.