When to rent in the big city

The best way to stay in the heart of Manhattan is to rent a condo or penthouse in a city like San Francisco or Washington D.C. You can also live in Manhattan if you live in a major city, like London or Paris, but it will take a little more planning to make that happen.

And while you can do the latter, the big cities tend to have more amenities than smaller ones, like a large park.

If you are looking for a new place to live, here are the top 10 most expensive places to rent your first home in the U.S. according to Zillow data.


San Francisco, CA $1,054,600 2.

Los Angeles, CA, US $924,600 3.

Seattle, WA, US, US$639,900 4.

Dallas, TX, US,, US$559,900 5.

Atlanta, GA, US.

$531,900 6.

Boston, MA, US., US$539,000 7.

New York, NY, US.$519,100 8.

Miami, FL, US/US$485,000 9.

Las Vegas, NV, US/$479,100 10.

San Antonio, TX,- US $475,000 1 of 15 Advertisement