What to know about the real estate market in Hawaii

FourFourtwo – The real estate boom in Hawaii is in full swing.

The state’s median home price rose 5.4% in January, the fastest pace since December, while median sales prices rose 2.9% to $2,973 per square foot.

That’s a 4.5% gain from a year ago.

That was the biggest jump in sales since January of 2015.

The Honolulu area has seen a surge in luxury condos, and that’s led to a boom in the construction of luxury condominiums in the city.

The sales boom also means the average income for a single person in Honolulu has grown by nearly $2 a month since January, according to the latest Census data.

That means the median household income for an individual in Hawaii in January was $72,000, according the Census Bureau.

The median home in Honolulu is now selling for $1.2 million.

The number of condo sales has also jumped, from 1,904 in January to 2,976 in February, according a February report from brokerage BDO Real Estate.

The report said that the number of sales has doubled in just the past month.

Sales are also surging in Honolulu, which is a popular tourist destination.

The city is the top destination for tourists in the U.S., according to BDO, and the boom has spurred some businesses to open their doors in the area.

The new condominium buildings are a major reason why, said Andrew Cushman, the chief executive of Hawaiian Homes Group, which owns more than 1,400 condominium units in Honolulu.

He said the trend of more people living in the island’s condo market has created a new class of buyers for condos, which are not only cheaper to build but also offer amenities such as fitness center, swimming pool and sauna.

Cushman said condos also have the potential to be a way for businesses to stay in business.

If they stay in the condo market, they are less likely to leave the island, he said.

Cushing said the sales boom is good news for the state’s economy.

It’s good for people, and it’s good to our economy.

He also said the condo boom is also good news because it gives us more space to grow.

Hawaii is not the only big island that is seeing an influx of condo and luxury sales.

The U.K., which has seen its population boom, is also seeing a surge of condo construction.

Hawaiians are also finding new ways to live cheaply.

The median price of a two-bedroom house in Hawaii rose 6.5%, the fastest rate in the country, to $1,983.

The price of one-bedroom houses rose 1.6%, the first gain since February of last year.

The average price of all homes rose 4.3%.

There are also many more people buying homes in the state than there were just a year and a half ago, according BDO.

In January, Hawaii saw an average of more than 2,000 sales per month.