US Congress passes $8bn in hurricane relief package

The US Congress passed a $8.7bn package of disaster relief for the states and territories on Wednesday, with some states expected to receive the biggest chunks.

The package, which also includes a $3.5bn disaster relief package for Hurricane Matthew, was the biggest of its kind in US history.

It was the first of a series of major legislation that Trump signed into law this week that has been hailed as historic.

But it comes as Trump faces criticism for his handling of the hurricane.

His approval ratings have dipped in recent weeks amid a sharp deterioration in his job approval ratings, a pattern that could fuel speculation about the president’s future.

The hurricane relief bill includes:The House passed a bill on Wednesday night to allocate $834bn for relief efforts in the US.

The Senate passed a similar bill on Thursday.

Trump also signed two other pieces of legislation on Wednesday.

The House approved a measure to help Puerto Rico rebuild its roads, bridges and utilities and to provide an additional $200m for infrastructure projects in the Caribbean.

The Senate also passed a measure that would provide $100m in federal funding for the state’s emergency response efforts.