Trump: ‘I have a great relationship with Florida’

President Donald Trump and Florida Gov.

Rick Scott met with the leaders of their state on Monday and discussed ways to get the state back on track.

The meeting, which took place just after 1 p.m., was one of the first Trump has had with a state leader.

Florida’s leaders also discussed economic development and infrastructure.

Scott said Trump promised to put $5 billion in his fiscal year 2018 budget to help boost tourism.

“We are going to have to get our economies back on their feet, and the president has a great deal of support,” Scott said, adding that Trump told him he wants the state to “be competitive again.”

Trump and Scott also discussed the possibility of a new Florida Supreme Court justice.

Scott, a Republican, is considering the vacancy on the court that has been vacant for more than a decade.

Scott has called the vacancy a “mistake.”

“The governor has asked me to get a seat on the Supreme Court,” Scott told reporters.

“He knows I have a very good relationship with the president, and I’ve told him I’ll get there.”

Scott said he would meet with Trump and Scott’s chief of staff, Tom Bossert, to discuss the court vacancy.

He said Bossert would be with him at the meeting.

Bossert told reporters he had met with Trump once before and “he said he understood the importance of the court.”

Bossert said he was not sure if the meeting was with Scott or with Trump.

“I’ll be able to share that information with the governor as soon as I can,” Bossert said.

Trump said during the meeting that he had not made any promises about the court but would talk about it in the future.

“But the thing that I’ve said is I will be the first president in history to appoint a Supreme Court Justice that I think will be a tremendous judge,” Trump said.