‘The End of Us’ trailer: What we know, what we don’t know, and what to look forward to next

The End of the World is here, and it’s already here, according to a new trailer for the upcoming movie, The End.

It’s a trailer we can’t wait to see.

The trailer begins with a few shots of the Earth, then cuts to the end of the world.

You see a man, dressed in a red and white suit, walking around.

He walks down a corridor, then stops.

It becomes clear he’s on a train.

He takes out his phone, flips open a book, and starts reading.

He’s on the train.

He reads: ‘I will die with you.’

It then cuts back to a shot of the train, and then to another man walking on the platform.

The train stops.

He picks up the phone, and reads:’You are the only one who can save the world from this.’

The movie then cuts into a shot where a woman and her child are watching a movie, with the child pointing to the screen.

They are both wearing sunglasses.

They look very distressed.

They say ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.

The woman then walks off.

The film then cuts away to a man and his dog in the park.

They walk up to a sign saying, ‘Take your dog for a walk’.

They point at the train in the distance.

They then look up to see it.

They continue walking.

The woman then says to her dog, ‘I’m sorry I’m not wearing sunglasses, I just can’t see what you’re seeing.

Can you tell me what’s going on?’

The dog nods.

The woman asks, ‘Can you tell us when we’ll be home?’

The puppy replies, ‘We’re going to be home tonight, we’ve been waiting for you.’

The film continues, with a man walking up a hill towards a building, with an image of a train next to him.

He looks down, and says, ‘Don’t forget, we’re going back to earth.’

The man continues walking up the hill, and finally looks back up to the train as the train turns off.

The man looks at the woman and the dog, then walks away.

A few seconds later, a train is seen in the background.

The film then continues, showing shots of a bus stop, a sign reading ‘Please walk’, and the man walking down the street, wearing sunglasses and a hat.

The man looks down at the sign, and speaks to the woman who is sitting in the car next to the car.

He says, “You’re the only ones who can do this.

The only ones that can save us.”

The film concludes with a shot showing the train on the track.

A train is shown driving away, with people running on the tracks, as if waiting for the train to stop.

The trailer ends with the woman saying, “We’re the ones that saved the world.”

You can watch the trailer here: