Real estate sales: Atlanta clears house sale from foreclosure

Seattle-area real estate agents say they have cleared the last of a batch of foreclosure auctions that netted more than $4 million for more than 500 people in the last 24 hours.

The sale of the property was scheduled to take place Monday, but agents said Wednesday they had completed it.

The sellers have until Friday to pay the $1.4 million to the state of Georgia, which has the title to the house.

The buyers were identified as a family of four and a married couple from Texas.

The home is about a half-mile from a school and a nearby church.

The seller’s attorney said in a statement Wednesday that the buyers had “accepted the terms of the sale.”

The real estate market in the Atlanta metro area has been a tough one this year.

Home prices have been dropping, while mortgage rates have remained high, and some areas of the state have been on the verge of foreclosure.

The county clerk has reported that some homes have been foreclosed on. 

Real estate brokers say many people who were foreclosed upon had been trying to get the properties cleared.

The Georgia Homeowner Loan Corporation said the property owners have been paying the sellers in full.