Real Estate Broker Says, ‘We Will Make You Rich’

Real estate broker in Tucson, Arizona, says she is willing to take the risk of losing her job over a property worth $4 million, which she says she will sell for $2 million.

“I will be willing to make the sale and I will put the money in the bank for the sale,” she said.

“We will make you rich, and then I will take my vacation.”

The real estate saleswoman, who asked that her name not be used, said she is confident in her ability to make a profit, despite being a full-time real estate agent.

“That’s a big risk for me, but I have a good feeling about it,” she told local television station KGTV.

She has worked in real estate for six years, and said she started her career in the field in 2006.

“If you want to become an agent, go into real estate,” she added.

“But I’m here to do what I do best: sell.”