‘I have to look after my kids’: The hard part of owning your kids’ lives

“I think the real problem is, you have to keep them safe and happy, and then you’ve got to give them the things that are needed to be happy,” she said.

“I’ve got a really great family here, and I have to give my kids a home that they love and are safe in.”‘

I can’t afford to buy a home’It was not a new experience for the family.

In 2016, the family’s home in Waverley, in Victoria’s north, was purchased for $12 million.

They had two young children, two of whom were now aged three and four. 

“We had to raise them to be safe and to do well,” Mr Houghton said.

“I had to be a bit more responsible.

I can’t live like this.”

Mr Houghson said it was not uncommon for parents to buy houses for their children.

“It’s not a problem that’s exclusive to young parents, it’s a problem for older parents as well,” he said.

In 2017, the property went for $16.6 million, which is a record for the state, according to real estate website Realtoric.com.

“This is a property that I would never have considered buying before,” Mr Bickerton said.

“But the fact that I’m actually buying it now gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

“It is going to be quite a home.

It is quite close to the airport and to the beaches.”

In 2019, the Houghtons bought a house in Brisbane’s east.

They paid $9.4 million for the home, which they have been using as a “working home” and a daycare.

Mr Bickert said it could take two years to complete the renovation.

“[We’ll] have the property completed in two to three years time, and it will be quite expensive,” he explained.

“We’ve got the basics laid out already and we’re still in the process of getting a lease.”

The Houghons have recently purchased a house for their eldest son, who is now nine.

After the first six months, the couple had hoped to build a community centre, but they have not been able to.

Mr Bicksert said they had been “really fortunate” to have a “good, supportive family” and he hoped that it would lead to the next step in their family’s lives.

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