How to pay rent on the go in New Delhi

An advertisement in a local newspaper, which said the rent on an apartment in New Dehli was Rs. 10 lakh per month, is likely to give the impression that the house in question is being rented out.

But if you look closely, you will find that this is not the case.

The advertisement is for a property in the neighborhood of a house that is only listed as being rented for Rs. 6 lakh per week.

The apartment is on a corner, which is a very low price to pay in India.

If you look closer, you can see that the property in question has a balcony, which the advertisement clearly states is for rent.

If this is the case, why does the ad appear in the local paper?

This is because there is a rent clause in the lease.

There is no mention of the amount of rent, but rather that the apartment is available for rent and that you can ask the landlord for more money.

The clause in this lease was not only mentioned by the property owners, but by the landlord himself, as well.

We have contacted the owner of the property to verify if this is true.

According to the property owner, the property has been in the rental business for nearly five years.

This is despite the advertisement appearing in the paper.

We contacted the property and asked them why the property had been rented for so much and how much it would cost to rent out the apartment.

We also asked them to explain what happened in the ad, but they did not answer our questions.

The landlord, however, did not return calls.

According the property manager, the advertisement was not meant to be read and the property was only being advertised for rental purposes.

This means that the owner was in a position to know the amount that the advertisement would ask for.

He had no choice but to rent the apartment out to the owner for Rs 6 lakh a week.

This was not the first time that the same advertisement had appeared in the newspaper.

We had also written to the local property owners asking for clarification on this matter.

The property manager was also in touch with us, but did not respond to our calls.

We have been in touch for the past three months with the owner, but have not received any response.

We are still waiting for an official response.

There is no doubt that the landlord has done his best to get a good rental price out of the apartment, and has been upfront about this in the advertisement.

The owner had mentioned the apartment in the article and claimed that it was rented for a very good price.

The advert in the Times of India, however failed to mention the exact amount, and the advertisement is not even in the property’s online database.

Renting an apartment for Rs 8 lakh per year is not a bad deal for the landlord, as long as he pays his tenant.

He should be able to negotiate a price that is acceptable to both parties, according to the rules of the land.

However, the landlords in this case may have been misled by the advertisement, which may have made the landlord feel like he had an extra profit.

The Times of Mumbai, in a separate article, reports that the rental unit has been listed as a rental property for Rs 2.7 lakh per sqft.

The same advertisement was also seen in a Mumbai newspaper.

The ad was seen by the owners of the building, but not the owners themselves.

We asked the owners for their views on the advertisement and will update this article when they reply.

If you are looking to rent an apartment, we would recommend looking into renting a property that has a lease clause that allows you to pay a minimum of Rs 10 lakh monthly rent for the next two years.