How to pay for the $2.3 billion real estate deal

The real estate market in Australia has been in free fall for several years.

The property market is now the fifth worst in the world, and the value of all homes sold in the country is only $2,370,000.

But for many Australians, that doesn’t seem like much money when compared to other countries around the world.

What if you could buy a home in Australia for just $1,000,000?

That is exactly what is being proposed by a group of local real estate agents.

The Australian Real Estate Association is holding a three-day summit to bring together people who are looking to buy homes in Australia and offer guidance on the best deals for them.

The first session will be held on Thursday at Melbourne’s iconic Princes Park, which is currently home to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The group is planning to hold another session on Saturday at the same venue, to give the public a better idea of how to look at deals.

The group is aiming to find the best possible deals for buyers and sellers.

It is calling on the public to help it find the perfect deal for its members, and to help them understand how to make a profit from buying homes.

“We want to make sure that we’re not just making a profit out of this, but also helping our members make a sustainable living, and making sure that the market is healthy,” said Peter Pugh, a real estate agent from Melbourne.

Pugh said that the first day will give the group a chance to learn from the members about the best real estate deals, and how to approach a transaction.

“The idea is that they can get an idea of what a buyer might be looking at, what the price might be, and they’ll be able to make an informed decision,” Pugh said.

The event is being held to give members a better sense of what is out there for them, he said.

“People have to be willing to put their head down, and do what it takes to get the best deal for them,” Pough said.

Proud to be the first to be invited to the summitPeter Pugh says he is proud to be at the event, and that he hopes to make it a memorable event.

“The only reason I am here is because I am an Australian,” he said, adding that he would like to be able help other people to get their dream homes in the market.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the community that you are building,” he added.

The association says the group is interested in helping members with the first step of getting a home: “You should be confident in your abilities to buy a property in Australia, and you should be ready to make the most of the opportunity,” Puch said.