How to Get a House for Sale in Tucson, Arizona


— You don’t need a superlative home for sale.

You just need a home that has an open market value of $1 million.

The median price of a house in Tucson is $1.3 million, according to data from the Real Estate Board of Greater Tucson.

The average asking price for a single-family home in the city is $3.1 million, or just shy of $6 million.

The median price for all houses in Tucson at this time is $8.6 million, which is still about 50% below the national median price.

The number of listings has risen over the past year, from just under 400 in December 2015 to more than 6,300 listings at this point.

The increase in listings is likely due to the drought, which has affected the economy.

The house prices and median selling prices are the results of a real estate agent survey conducted by the Real HouseTrac.

The survey included more than 2,000 Tucson house sales.

According to Real Estate Institute of Arizona CEO Steve Haus, Tucson houses are more expensive than any other city in the U.S. They’re also more affordable than most cities in the Midwest.

Haus says Tucson houses offer great value, but also that they don’t come with as much hassle.

Hus says he doesn’t feel like most other people would want to live in Tucson because of the affordability.

“The people in Tucson that would want that sort of lifestyle would probably go elsewhere, probably get a place with a smaller population,” he said.