How to be a true Canadian real estate agent

In the wake of the Brexit vote, many are looking to the UK as an example of a country where real estate is still the best way to make money in the UK.

But for some people, the real estate sector is just not that much different from the UK, and their business is in the country.

Real estate agent Matthew Walshe, from Toronto, who has worked with some of Canada’s biggest real estate players, says real estate agents can be hard to find in the US.

Walshe says that when it comes to agents, there’s a lack of experience in the real-estate industry in Canada.

He says he would recommend a Canadian agent to a client, but that he may not be able to find them because they’re not that familiar with the real world.

“It’s hard to know who is going to be able, if they’re going to go into the market, because they’ve never been there, so it’s very difficult to get their attention and make them a client,” he says.

Walt is also working to recruit agents in the United States, as well as in Europe.

Walsh says that in the last five years, the US real estate market has experienced an influx of foreign buyers and he is working to bring in agents who are qualified to help Canadians.

Walsh says that Canada needs more foreign agents, and that his job is to find people who are passionate about real estate and who are going to help the realtor, who will then work with the client.

“They have a different understanding of real estate from a Canadian, and they have to learn that and bring that into the business,” he explains.

Walges real estate portfolio includes a building in Canada and a business in the Philippines.

He also owns a building that’s in New York and a building called The Bluebird that is in Toronto.