How the former ESPN anchor survived the 2017 IRS audit

An article by FOX Sports’ Matt Wolff in January 2017 detailed how the former host of “The View” resigned from his post in the United States, in part, due to the IRS’ targeting of his estate and how the IRS sought to withhold his $9.6 million.

The IRS was notified of Wolff’s resignation from the show in late June, and a month later, the agency launched an investigation of his death.

In early July, the IRS filed a petition to withhold the estate tax and seek a judgment against Wolff, asking the court to declare the estate inoperable because Wolff was not entitled to a tax deduction.

The IRS claimed that Wolff had no legal standing to sue the agency because the IRS had failed to disclose the fact that he had filed for bankruptcy.

Wolff died on August 25.

The agency initially sought a $6.8 million judgment against the estate, but the judge ultimately rejected the claim.

The former “View” host, who died in January, is survived by his wife, daughter, and son.

He is survived, as is his brother, by his mother and brother-in-law.