‘Hoffman Estate’ real estate development lands at Willamette University

When the Hoffmans moved into their new home in Willametag in 2008, the first thing they did was add a second-floor garage, a second parking lot, a driveway and a walkway.

But in the first six months of this year, they started building a second, second-story, second garage, and another driveway to a driveway that eventually led to a new, second floor, second parking garage, as well as the new garage itself.

This new garage is part of a $4 million project, the Hoffman Estate, to turn the house into a high-rise.

In addition to a hotel, office and a boutique hotel, the project is also home to a $1.2 million pool, a fitness center, a gym and a fitness complex.

The new home, the Hoffman Estate, is part home, part luxury condominium and part rental property, according to the project’s developer, Cabela’S Hoffman.

The Hoffmans have built a second home in their Willamettag, Calif., neighborhood, the Willameterias Hoffmans, in the past, but this new one is their first.

“We’ve always been about making the best of the most difficult situations,” said Willametta resident Stephanie Hoffman, who recently purchased the home.

“This is a great project because it is such an intimate community.

It’s like having a home with a balcony and you don’t need a car.

The neighbors all know each other and you can walk up to them and talk about what’s going on.”

The Hoffmanes built the house in 2008.

Photo: Cabelas Hoffmann “When you walk into a home, you think you’re home,” said Hoffman, who has lived in Willamsburg, Calif.

for 18 years.

“It’s like being home in your home.

It feels like your home, it feels like a place.

It makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

I’m very proud of the project.”

The new house features the first floor of the house that was previously the kitchen and dining room, and the second floor was converted to a living room.

“My wife and I really enjoy the layout,” Hoffman said.

“The second floor is the main living area, so it is more intimate, and you feel more connected to the family.”

The project will also include an outdoor deck with a fireplace and a pool and a garden, with an on-site pool and spa.

Hoffman also says that a fitness facility will be built adjacent to the new residence, and that a yoga studio will also be added to the house.

The project is slated to open this fall.

Hoffman said that she is excited about the project because she hopes to make the Hoffmann family more involved in the neighborhood.

“I want to have a little bit more control of the neighborhood,” Hoffman explained.

“A lot of people don’t want to live in the Willams Valley and they are worried about traffic.

The Hoffman family is a very, very, quiet, quiet family.

We are the only family with two kids and we don’t have a car.”

Hoffman said the Hoffmeisters were able to find a new home with the help of the city of Willametts, and she also appreciated the work that was done by the city to make sure the property was compliant with the zoning laws.

“As soon as we were able, we were ready to move,” Hoffman recalled.

“If you look at the site map, there are some zoning issues with the property.

We really didn’t need to build a parking lot.

We did it in a way that was really, really safe.”

The Hoffman Estate is one of two projects planned by Cabels Hoffmans that is expected to bring more residents to Willamsboro.

The other project, which is being developed in nearby Willameto, is set to open in 2017.

The property, which will be called the Hoffman Estates, is located at 1040 E. Willamete Ave.

and is set for completion by the end of the year.

Cabeli’s Hoffmill is an entertainment and design firm that has offices in Williston, Ore., and in Portland, Oregon.