Brookslyn realtors sell homes worth $1.6M in sale

WASHINGTON (AP) Brooks, New York, real estate agents who say they are under pressure from brokers to sell their homes have sold their homes in Brooklyn worth more than $1 million.

The owners of five properties in the borough said the deals all came after brokers began pressuring them to sell homes for as much as $1,800,000 each.

A spokeswoman for Brooks Real Estate told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the sale of the homes included three properties that sold for more than the asking price.

The owners declined to provide any other details.

The real estate brokers are concerned that some brokers are trying to buy up properties to resell, the real estate website reported.

They are worried that the number of listings for sale has been rising.

Realtors say the sales are a result of increased demand from buyers who want to buy properties they can resell.

Brooks, which includes the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, has been the subject of much criticism by the real-estate industry for its lack of diversity and low supply.

The real estate market has been slow to recover after the financial crisis, which devastated the economy in 2009 and 2010.