$100,000 wedding gift card to ‘a girl who has a beautiful smile’ – Mashable

A $100 million wedding gift cards has been sent to a girl who “has a beautiful, vibrant smile.”

The girl, who goes by the name of Maria, has received the cards and plans to share them with friends on social media, according to her Instagram account.

She has also set up a fund to donate the money to charities.

Maria posted a picture of the cards on her Instagram page, with the caption:”This is the card from my favorite girl, Maria.

This is for a girl I love.

Love is what keeps me going.

This card will always stay with me.

The smile is contagious.”

The cards are not the first time Maria has received them.

She previously sent the cards to a friend, but said she forgot about them and forgot about receiving them.

Maria said the gift cards will go towards paying off a loan from her family’s bank and to help support her career.

She said she has received messages from people asking if she received the gift card, and that she has even been contacted by people from the media asking for donations.

Maria has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts over the past decade, with gifts like a $5,000 Lamborghini that she purchased at a garage sale in 2014.