10-Year-Old’s Real Estate Sale for $20 Million to Become Arizona’s First $1M Home on a Crowdfunding Platform

The real estate agent who helped a 10-year-old get her dream home for less than $20 million says she had a hard time making ends meet.

Anna Eliza Al-Zabari is the founder of Fulfilling Dreams, a crowdfunding platform that helps families build, sell, and rent their homes.

Now a mother of two, Al-Yabari says she wanted to help a girl whose dream of owning her own home was a dream she had to keep because her parents would be working two jobs to support their families.

“It was a real challenge for me,” Al-Sari said.

“We had been told by our agent that our house was going to be worth $1 million, but it would only go for $30,000.

She said, ‘Don’t worry, you’re not alone, your parents will pay you for this.'”

That’s when she realized the crowdfunding platform could help her financially.

So, Al the young woman started Fulfining Dreams, the first of its kind in Arizona.

“We have so many amazing projects, from people helping with the relocation of the homeless, to people helping families find housing, to just doing a great job helping kids with autism,” she said.

“Our mission is to make it easier for families to purchase their dream homes, so that they can be the proud owners of a home that they know and love.”

Al-Saria says her goal is to have a permanent home for her and her children by the time she turns 12.

She hopes to have her house up for sale by the end of the year.

“This is the future, we’re all going to have the homes,” she says.

“Fulfilling dreams is not about selling houses.

It’s about making it possible for people to buy their dreams.”

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